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By Theresa Cheung - Sunday Times Bestselling Author. 

The Ultimate A-Z to interpret the secrets of your dreams

The Dream Dictionary from A to Z is a comprehensive handbook that will help you interpret the meaning of the surreal world of your dreams. As well as expert advice on the optimum way to recall and interpret your dreams, there's an A-Z Bedside Reader so you can easily look up the symbolism and meaning of all your dreams. 

Discover why dreaming of a car suggests the direction your life is heading in, and why being chased suggests that you are trying to avoid something or someone. Whether you dreamed about discovering a secret room in your house, your teeth falling out, having sex with a stranger, flying high in the sky, falling from a great height, your phone malfunctioning or losing followers on social media, you can unlock the remarkable secrets of your dreaming mind with this essential bedside book. 

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of psychics and spiritualists. She has a Theology and English degree from King's College, Cambridge, and is the Sunday Times top-ten bestselling author of numerous books covering spiritual topics, parapsychology, dreams and personal growth and transformation.