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Do you ever feel like your head is up in the clouds? Feeling a bit fogged up lately and like your thoughts just wont stay still? Don’t worry, smoky quartz will be your anchor and bring you straight back down to Earth again.

It’s the ultimate grounding and stabilizing crystal. Assisting you with better concentration and being able to see clearly again. Turning the things you once thought were too big of a challenge into golden opportunities. Bye bye procrastination, because smoky quartz has got your back!  

Smoky quartz is also a very powerful detoxifying stone and has the ability to purify electromagnetic stress and pollution. So set this bad boy up next to your phone, laptop, or any other electronics you may be using regularly to protect yourself from any unwanted radiation.



Smoky quartz can relive chronic pain and reduce inflammation.

Tip (soak in a warm bath infused with smoky quartz and salt to sooth the body and relieve pain.)

Smoky quartz can enhance your wellbeing.

It reduces the effects of radiation therapies.

It can remove toxins and excess fluids in the body.

It strengthens the back and relieves back pain.

Tip (place smoky quartz under your mattress to help with stiffness in your back while you sleep.)



Smoky quartz can protect against all forms of bad luck.

Smoky quartz is said to enhance energy flow through your hands.

Smoky quartz placed next to your bed will banish any night terrors.

Smoky quartz is great to aid with making financial decisions/with money magick. Wearing it on your person will help draw money to you, also keep a piece of smoky quartz inside your wallet.

Place a piece of smoky quartz on each of the four corners of your bed facing inwards, to assist in resolving communication problems within your relationship.

Smoky quartz can banish any kind of negativity. Stand with your bare feet touching the Earth’s floor. Then hold a piece of smoky quartz, with the tip facing down. Release any negative energy you may be carrying into the earth beneath your feet. At the same time you are doing this make sure you visualize the negative energy decaying, and then turning into fertiliser to now nourish all of the plants and trees that are growing in your garden.




approx 4.5cms high 

Each crystal is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.