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Rose Quartz also referred to as the heart stone, so soft and feminine with its gentle pink glow. This is the stone of unconditional love, feelings of love, infinite peace, affection and happiness, allowing one to open and live in their heart space, so that they are able to experience the joy of being able to truly give and receive love from others.

What is love? A key to life if you ask me. Love is an energy like no other, an intense feeling of affection, it's all around us, and not just in the form of romance. But in many forms whether its self love and self worth, bonds with family and friends, nature, beauty or intimacy, love is just about everywhere, feel the energy.



Rose Quartz heals the wounded heart, assisting in overcoming heartbreak, betrayal and learning to trust again.

It helps to raise ones self esteem.

It helps to restore confidence and balance.

It stimulates blood circulation.

It facilitates deep healing and self love.

It protects us against intrusion and others anger and spite.

Rose Quartz is good for the complexion and helps with detoxing.

It's an amazing stone with assisting in fertility.  



Place Rose Quartz around your home to invite all of the love and peace inside.

Place Rose Quartz underneath your babies cot/bed to soothe an irritable or wrestles child.

Wash your face in water that is charged by Rose Quartz to help fade any wrinkles and keep your skin looking youthful.

It's a powerful stone to assist with peace making magic or fertility spells. 




approx 7cms high 

Each crystal is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.