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A Toolkit for the Modern Witch

By Marion Weinstein

"A rare gem. One of the only magical self-help books that is beautiful, moral, and wise. Marion's methods of working have greatly influenced my life." - Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon

" This book is an excellent toolkit for those beginning their explorations of witchcraft as a spiritual path, in addition to those well on their way. Among its other gifts, Positive Magic contains one of the best overviews of divination I've read-clear and practical. Marion writes concisely about astrology, scrying, the I-Ching and more." - from the foreword by Judika Illes, author of Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft

"Written by one of America's Witch elders, this beloved classic can enrich the spiritual practice of longtime practitioners as well as those beginning their exploration of magical realms." - Selena Fox, high priestess of Circles Sanctuary, psychotherapist, and shamanic healer

"Well written and fascinating, Positive Magic is a book you must read and keep by your side. Weinstein explains what you need to know. An intelligent approach to using magic." - Merlin Stone, author of When God Was a Woman

Marion Weinstein (1939-2009) was an author, teacher, media personality, and proud New York "city witch." Known as the "Ethics Witch," she is one of the founders of the modern Witchcraft movement. She was the first to coin and define the term "positive magic" and clearly delineated its use. Her radio show Marion's Cauldron, was the first regularly scheduled Wiccan and psychic programming on record.