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A pendulum is a divination tool that has been used for spiritual healing and in witchcraft for centuries. It’s an essential for the everyday modern little witch.

There are many different ways to use your pendulum some examples of common uses are for dream interpretation, divination (access basic information about the future), healing work, chakra work, sensing and checking for different energies and channeling and receiving messages from your spirit guide, guardian angel, deceased loved one or any other non human beings.

The most basic way to start using your new pendulum is by asking yes or no questions. You will need to keep a steady arm holding the end of the string/chain and asking it to first show you a yes, and then to show you a no to determine the direction it will move for your answers. (This could be a spin clockwise/counterclockwise or a swing forward/back or a swing left/right.) After which you should ask a few simple questions that you already know the answers to, making sure you have set the pendulum correctly. If your pendulum is not set correctly it will need to be cleansed or charged. Now you’re ready to ask away.

The more frequently you use your pendulum the more in tune with it you will become.



Each pendulum is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.