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This high vibin’ stone is perfect for the deep thinker, meditator or spiritual traveller, take your mind on a mystical journey with Amethyst. A great stone which can be used to assist with recalling and interpreting your dreams!

Gain the ability to switch off and change negative thoughts, or patterns, leaving the user with a sense of balance, peace, and tranquillity.

Amethyst is a stone commonly used for intense manifestation, helping us achieve those dream goals and fulfill our aspirations of any kind. whether it’s a new career goal, weight loss goal, or personal goal, Amethyst is the goal kicking stone for you!



Amethyst assists in clearing headaches and migraines.

It switches off any negative and disruptive thought patterns.

It supports a deep restful sleep, it also prevents nightmares, a great stone for sufferers of insomnia.

It helps to cleanse, purify and heal the mind, body and spirit.



Amethyst opens and clears the third eye.

It can accelerate your spiritual development.

It is effective in spells for letting go of addictions.

It is a great stone to place at the tip of a wand for its healing and purifying benefits. 



approximately 5.5cms in width


Each crystal is unique, intuitively selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.