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Ever wanted to walk like an Egyptian? It’s never been so easy, grab your lapis lazuli and take those first steps baby!

Lets travel back in time. It’s said to be known that both the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians wore lapis lazuli pendants, jewellery and amulets, as it’s a very powerful stone offering the wearer or user protection, insight and total awareness.

Cleopatra even wore lapis lazuli ground up into a compound as her eye shadow. This was more then just a beauty statement, but a sign of devine power said to enhance her spiritual consciousness.

History lesson over today….Today lapis lazuli commonly represents ‘mind power.’ It’s a great stone to use during meditation as it activates the third eye. Lapis lazuli stimulates ones desire for knowledge, enhances intellectual ability and is a powerful assistant for activating the higher mind. It can also stimulate psychic abilities and enhance dream work.

This majestic stone is also used to balance the throat chakra. It can boost ones confidence and quickly reduce stress of the user brining deep peace, truth and honesty. DAMN what a stone!



Lapis lazuli alleviates pain especially migraines and headaches.

It can assist in overcoming depression.

It alleviates insomnia.

It can assist in overcoming hearing loss.

Lapis lazuli benefits the respiratory & nervous system.

It helps lower blood pressure.

It purifies blood and helps to boost the immune system.



Lapis lazuli recognises psychic attack, blocks it and returns the energy to its source.

Lapis lazuli can reverse curses or disease caused by not speaking out in ones past.

This stone has an affinity with those who have any past life connections to Ancient Egypt.




approx 5.5cms high 

Each crystal is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.