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Agate is a stone with a dreamy quality and trademark appearance, easily identifiable because of its unique banding, made up of layered mineral deposits, a combination of igneous rock and silica deposits. It's name originates from the Achetes River in Sicily, as this was the location this magnificent stone was first discovered.

Also nicknamed ‘The Earth’s Rainbow’ Agate can be found in an array of many different colours that the earth can produce, white, purple, black, grey, yellow, pink, red and brown.

A crystal that vibrates at a slower but constant frequency, yet not one to disregard, as it's a member of the quartz family. An essential in maintaining a sense of balance and centeredness in physical and intellectual energy.

Anchoring us to the earth keeping us grounded and calm centered, allowing us to move through life’s stages with grace and a sense of ease.



Agate is a strong grounding stone.

It brings emotional and intellectual balance.

It can stimulate old memories.

It offers improved concentration and perception.



Agate enhances the effects of other stones.

Use Agate in charms for goodluck, mental clarity, love and fidelity.

It helps to ensure the goodwill of others.

Bring hidden information to light with Agate.




approx 8cms in height

Each crystal is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.