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Black Obsidian is one bad ass crystal.

It has the power to magnify all negative energies, so that one can experience them at full capacity in order to be able to move forward, and then release them.

Taking you on a spiritual journey, reflecting on and embracing all aspects of ones self, to reach a clearer understanding and vision of what you need, to make yourself the most amazing ball of energy you can be.



Black Obsidian can be used as a tool to delve deep into your past lives, and work on healing your ancestral and family lines.

It can aid in healing of the digestive system and muscular system.

It assists in the fight against chronic depression, repelling negativity and any unloving thoughts. 

It assists when one is going through tough times and provides support during change.



Black Obsidian can be used in a ritual to remove any un wanted links between people.

When used during spell casting  Black Obsidian is a powerful assistant for banishing negativity from a person, an object or a particular area.

Placing Black Obsidian pieces around your home pointing in all four cardinal directions enhances protection.

Black Obsidian is useful for the manifestation of spiritual energies in the physical realm.

It is a stone that can be used for protection against psychic attack.




approx 15cms high

Each crystal is unique, hand selected by The Little Witch Co and individually photographed. You will receive exactly this piece.